[vlc-devel] Migration to Merge Requests

Pierre Ynard linkfanel at yahoo.fr
Mon May 10 20:11:51 UTC 2021

> I want to say that I'm thrilled with the migration, gitlab is awesome.
> It's way more easy for me to keep track of all the submissions.      

If you want to indulge in expressions of GitLab (un)popularity
or (dis)approval, I want to say that I was brought into this IRC
conversation, where it was argued that GitLab is more accessible than
mailing lists by virtue of being web-based; and I couldn't help but
refute that.

I can certainly appreciate how many people find web-based platforms
comfortable, and I share this feeling to some extent, but personally I
find it sad and a bit reductive to equate web-based with good. However,
one thing that code.videolan.org is not, is more accessible than
vlc-devel at . (For everyone's comfort and convenience, vlc-devel@ even has
web-based public archives written in actually accessible HTML.)

I would really like if the benefits of code.videolan.org's GitLab,
and the rationales for the switch, had been presented to me as a user
when the new platform was introduced to me. I guess it would help me
appreciate it more. You could say that I don't find that the GitLab
switch was sold to me very well.

In fact, the onboarding process I experienced was 1/ getting told to
create an account or else I would lose all my bug tracker tickets, then
2/ getting faced with a two-factor authentication blocker page, that
I didn't know what to do with nor really wanted anything with, that
left me feeling like: "Geez, but the account is created so I'm good now
and don't have to deal with this now, right?" Not exactly a positive
introduction to code.videolan.org. As a follow-up, now that I'm making
the effort of asking questions, I receive dismissive one-liners as
reply. Not great either.

> Frankly, all my goodwill in this switch has been expanded, I'm pissed
> and my efficacy and motivation is rock bottom.

> I get way too *many* notifications on bugs and MRs that I am not
> competent for, not too few.

I can empathize with your pain and frustration, Rémi, and I'm sorry for
it :/ But as this is still a work mailing list, let me ask you: what
would you like to be changed, how would you like things to be instead?

Pierre Ynard
"Une âme dans un corps, c'est comme un dessin sur une feuille de papier."

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