video problem

Samuel Hocevar sam at
Wed Mar 6 23:29:46 CET 2002

On Wed, Mar 06, 2002, Bill Edmondson wrote:

> i am running videolan in order to gain an understanding of the mpeg-2
> transport stream. i am having a problem with the vlc program on both redhat
> 7.2 and windows 2000 (the only os's that i've attempted). when i play a
> video (one of the tektronix test mpeg-2 files), all i see is the position
> bar move. i don't not get video at all. on linux, i've tried to use
> the --yuv yuv option with the same results.

   This may be due to vlc using the PS plugin instead of the TS plugin,
you can try "--input ts" as a quick fix, or, better, use the current CVS
version which has file format autodetection.


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