[vlc] Problems (Sound, Transcoding, Codecs, Logs) On Ubuntu Intrepid (8.10)

Anton Kapela tkapela at gmail.com
Thu Jan 1 19:19:00 CET 2009

On Thu, Jan 1, 2009 at 11:32 AM, Hal Vaughan <hal at thresholddigital.com> wrote:

> 1) No logging. I tried to set the log to ~/tmp/vlc-log.txt and nothing is

For debugging and such, it's best to issue vlc work via the
command-line interface. I can't comment on if what you're observing is
a bug or not, will have to leave it to devs to consider that.

Try something like:

vlc -vvv -I rc input-file.mp2ts

That will tell vlc to spew verbose messages, pass the input file to
#transcode, select mp4v for video and mp4a (plain AAC) for audio, then
pass output to the 'standard' output function which will write it to a
file in /home/user/ called file.ts, using a normal mpeg2 transport
stream container format.

It would also be useful if you could post your .mts or .ts files to a
public HTTP location somewhere, or use the vlc ftp 'drop' site.

> 5) I've tried transcoding my .mts files to a format more programs
> understand, but I can't transcode to MP4. I get errors that the codec or
> encoder is not there. I've installed all the packages that should be

libavcodec hasn't been initializing HD resolutions & profiles properly
since ~april of 08. I may be missing some email or details about them,
but patches posted (at least mail regarding patches I've seen on
vlc-devel) do not appear to have been incorporated yet into libavcodec
or vlc sources. If you can, try doing things like this to specify fps,
pixel size, especially if you're using HDV (i.e. the hd-lite
resolution of 1440x1080).


It'd sure be nice for some devs to take a closer look at
win32/*nix/osx multi-resolution transcoding/encoding/playback
behaviors. <g>

> connected with VLC and codes, but I still get reports that the MP4 video and
> AAC audio codec or encoders are not there (I figure this might be part of
> the sound issues as well). The error messages tell me to check the log for
> more details, but there's no log file.

Things like that usually relate to improper codec initialization. Run
the cli examples for playback/transcode and paste some logs from that



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