[vlc] Simplified Chinese language file for Vlc 0.9x

Christophe Mutricy xtophe at chewa.net
Fri Jan 2 11:36:16 CET 2009

>   I'm  a Vlc  fan from  mainland China.I  noticed that  the Simplified
>   Chinese language file for Vlc had not been updated since 0.84, which
>   caused  almost 70%  of all  the  strings were  left untranslated  in
>   0.98a.  

According to http://www.videolan.org/developers/i18n/vlcstat.php it
should be something like 42% untranslated in 0.9.8a. So i'm not too sure
how you have only 30% translated. Which OS do you use ? (and distro if

>   Thus  I've made  a  new  99% translated  Simplified  Chinese
>   language file using the pot template  included in the Vlc package. I
>   wish it  would be  included in  future release of  Vlc to  make more
>   Chinese users get acquainted with Vlc.

Thank you.

There is a few problems on some of the strings with c-format (like %d or
%s). You can't change the order in which the %x, %d, %s, ... appear in
%the strings. This is a limitation of the system we use to translate.

It is a problem at least for modules/access/dvdread.c:574 

Also if you wish to continue translating VLC for next versions, it is
better to get the file from
. So that the headers don't get lost and you have the strings which
might have been changed since the last release. 
You may also want to contact Wei Mingzhi <whistler at openoffice.org> who
is the current Chinese translator.

I'll try to merged you translation without the strings where the
c-format cause problem



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