[vlc] Subtitle Problem

Brandon Bonke ravensqu at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 3 01:00:52 CET 2009

Hello, my name is Brandon.
First let me say that the VLC player is probably the best media player I 
have used. I am only experiencing one problem having to do with 
subtitles. I am running Windows Vista 64-bit and VLC v0.9.8a and am 
currently trying to play .mkv files in the player and every time I go to 
media - open file and open the next media file or it jumps to the next 
file in my playlist, the subtitle track is re-enabled. It is annoying to 
always have English subtitles when the audio is also English (especially 
when the two do not say the same thing) and the only way I have been 
able to get around it is each and every time a new file starts playing, 
to go into video-subtitle track-disable. I would like to be able to play 
a long playlist without having to re-disable after every video? How do I 
do this? I have thoroughly checked preferences under "subtitles & osd" 
and disabling on screen display doesn't fix the problem. Thank you for 
your time. I am not sure if the version I am using is a good version as 
there seems to be a problem with "check for updates".

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