[vlc] question

Jójárt Péter b4jojist at freemail.hu
Thu Jan 8 17:28:51 CET 2009

I'm a linux-beginner and want to install VLC media player on my computer,
my OS is opensuse11.0 (for x86 32 bit pentium4), and I can found only a "1-click install"
button at your web page. The problem is, that i don't have any
internet connection at my home, so i can't 1click-install VLC.
So please tell me what do i have to download and bring home on my pen drive?
(I tried to compile the source code, but "./configure" said it needs a lot of packages 
which i don't have on the opensuse install dvd. -some avcodec or what the hell, and about  10 other packages, do you know where can i get the packages needed by VLC? )

Thanks: Peter.

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