[vlc] problem pls help...

Rémi Denis-Courmont rem at videolan.org
Sat Jan 10 11:22:01 CET 2009

Le jeudi 8 janvier 2009 21:23:21 Salman omrani, vous avez écrit :
> hi...thanks for ur responce.....but i resolved the problem..much b4...but
> id like to tell u..the solution u gave me was not proper...i highly admire
> ur softwear..so im telling u how i did resolve it...it was the display
> pixels i move it to high 1152 by 864...thts the reason i couldnt veiw the
> visuals...anyways my advice to u all is just keep urselves up to the mark
> so tht u could help ur users...and the ways u replied is very
> unprofessional..u took 48 hours to reply...

For your information, we are not at your service. As the software itself, 
support is provided FREE OF CHARGE on a VOLUNTEER basis.

> and over tht u dint gave a detail process and all above tht...
> u dint even give the correct answer...its just a peice of adive to
> improvise...and provide the best service regards

And you did not even bother to describe the problem properly nor to write 
proper English.

Thanks, now you are in the list of ungrateful whineys to whom we should never 
ever answer again. No regards,

Rémi Denis-Courmont

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