[vlc] WMV..MPEG..Audio support

Andrew electrified_toad at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 14 04:10:16 CET 2009

So I'd be shocked to actually get a reply..I bet you get all sorts of emails from people hoping you'll turn water to wine & make the end all be all native player for a codecless computer

I've got this video player made by TMD..used to be an popular cam rip scene group a long time ago now..

Anyway..with this player I'm able to play WMV & MPEG with audio & video with no problem

For a long time now with VLC I try & play the same files & get no sound..I can hear a quick blip of sound when skipping or unpausing throughout the video playing in vlc..

so my question is why does this..long..long since dead video player do these formats in particular so well when vlc can not :-/

I can send the player if anyone is interested in comparing


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