[vlc] Removing Your Software

Arioch the_Arioch at nm.ru
Wed Oct 13 21:31:47 CEST 2010

В письме от Mon, 11 Oct 2010 03:10:04 +0400, <dixleis at aol.com> сообщал:

> Since downloading and installing your software, I have been unable to  
> play any .wmv file on my email.

Try to change associated player in properties of any WMV file on disk.
I'd also suggest you downloading and re-installing Windows Media Player,  
and select asociation with wmv files during re-installation of WMP


> In looking at Windows XP software to remove, I cannot find any name that  
> matches you software so that I can remove it.   By what name would it be  
> called in the files to be removed?

In Programs Installation/Removal it should be VLC media player or VideoLAN  

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