[vlmc-devel] slovak translation

Ludovic Fauvet etix at l0cal.com
Sun Mar 14 19:30:49 CET 2010


> i was trying to find list of translators, i found only some traces via
> google.

Our server died recently and we need some more days to rebuild the
website content.

> so i want to ask, if there is already slovak contributor for
> translation

Marián Hikaník is our Slovak translator. You can contact him through
the VideoLAN translators mailing list and ask him if he needs some

> as far i read on http://blog.l0cal.com/ vlmc is already in
> "string freeze", and release is planned around 24 march(true?) (im
> waiting for vlmc with cutting my video).

Yes, we are currently in string freeze and the release is expected in
the upcoming days.

Ludovic Fauvet (etix)

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