[vlmc-devel] [GSoC 2010] Proposal for VLMC/VLC

Rohit Yadav rohityadav89 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 26 01:17:28 CET 2010

Hi all!

I'm Rohit Yadav, undergraduate computer engineering student and open source
I have strong understanding of design patterns and over 2 years of
experience with C, C++ and Qt. I been actively watching both VLC and also
VLMC for the past one year.

This year, I would like to apply my candidature to work on Youtube
Integration in VLMC, in GSoC 2010.
As there is no C/C++ Youtube API library to support all the features of
direct uploading, meta data editing etc. So, I will start by writing a small
Youtube API library, using documentation provided below:


For implementation, I intend to use cross platform Qt Network APIs and also
add proxy support. After that, I will use the library to implement
functionality of searching videos, (multiple) importing media from Youtube,
direct (multiple) export to Youtube, editing/updating/creating Video Meta
data etc. Following that, I will work on integrating supporting widgets in
VLMC media library.
If enough time remains I can work on integrating other popular video
services like Vimeo.

Regarding my experience with VLMC and VLC; I contributed a cmake build
system for VLMC, which is now maintained by etix. The initial patch I
submitted, can be downloaded from here:

Also, I worked and implemented *VL**C Minimode* last year which is the same
idea stated as "VLC Taskbar/Toolbar Mode" on the 'gsoc ideas page'.
You may refer to my mail on vlc-devel:
I started the Minimode project under
The source code, images and patches can be downloaded from this folder:
You may trace VLC Minimode's development in this post:

As a qualification task, consider these two above stated contributions.
Further, I'm working on removing SVG/CSS code from my QWidget based Minimode
widget as well as working on a QGraphicsView implementation (plus animation
framework) of the same. Will be sending a patch as soon as possible.

Lastly, I would also like to propose my last year's idea (to be taken up by
some mentor/student) to upgrade the present Qt GUI to a better looking
QGraphicsView UI with nice widgets (Minimode, Beat bar, new visualizations
etc.) and ergonomic fluid layouts and exploit the new Qt 4.6 animation

Happy SoC!
Rohit Yadav
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