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Rohit Yadav rohityadav89 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 10 20:41:03 CET 2010

Hi Gergő,

I tried to fix the issues now... applied in
Please update the source, using: git pull

Okay from your logs, seems like you're using 64bit Mac...
so please try to update the root CMakeLists.txt: Line 104:


Then, make sure you've vlc 64-bit to create the contribs...
Read INSTALL.macosx again... there is a new contribs script for Mac OS, I've
updated it...

Unfortunately I ran into some problems, and can't run the binary.
> I attached the log from compiling and from running the binary.

Hope that is the assertion failure I got... fixed it now :)

BTW, I don't have anyway to build and test 64bit builds and also for ppc...
besides, I think no one else develops on/for Mac for now... but it works for
me on 32-bit Snow Leopard..

You're welcome to contribute in any way, bug reports, logs, patches welcome!
And, please next time mail at "Mailing list for vlmc developers" <
vlmc-devel at videolan.org>.. as you may get better answer from a lot of
awesome people at VideoLAN...


Best Regards,
Rohit Yadav
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