[vlmc-devel] vlmc api call seems to be blocking

Frank van Eijkelenburg frank.van.eijkelenburg at technolution.nl
Thu Sep 10 08:48:17 CEST 2015


I want to use the vlm api library in my own application to create a vod
stream. Therefore I have to following code (for prototyping):

int main(int argc, char **argv)
    const char* psz_name = "test";

    /* Load the VLC engine */
    libvlc = libvlc_new(0, NULL);

    libvlc_vlm_add_vod(libvlc, psz_name, "rtsp://", 0, NULL, false, NULL);
    libvlc_vlm_set_output(libvlc, psz_name, "#rtp{sdp=rtsp://}");

    libvlc_vlm_set_enabled(libvlc, psz_name, true);


    libvlc_vlm_release (libvlc);

    return 0;

If I run this code, I have two issues:

1. by using the rtp option you can not make a vod stream (which is exactly
what the documentation describes). To make a vod stream, I should not use
the rtp option, but how can I specify the outgoing port (5678 in the
example code)?

2. when I run the libvlc_vlm_set_enabled call, the program does never get
back. Do I use these library calls in a wrong way?

BTW, if I try to create my usecase by using the vlc application and the
telnet connection for vlm, everything works fine. However, I have to embed
this in my own application.

Any help would be appreciated.

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