Streaming MPEG using vls/vlms - help !

Alexis de Lattre alexis at
Thu Jul 25 13:17:16 CEST 2002

On Wed, Jul 24, 2002, Carr, Ewan wrote:
> I am trying to stream MPEG2 files using vlms (and vls) to clients
> running vlc. When using the example VOB file, presentation_short.vob,
> from the VideoLAN website everything works just great.
> However when I attempt to use ANY other of my own MPEG2 files nothing
> happens i.e. no packets are streamed at all (i used tcpdump to watch
> the interface). Also the message log didnt give any clear indication
> of what the problem might be.

Your problem may come from the fact that vls and vlms need MPEG files
with special caracteristics. Here is an extract of the VideoLAN
Quickstart where you have the explanation :

Vls and vlms can stream MPEG 1 or MPEG 2 files that meet two critera :

   1. the file must be MPEG PS (Program Stream) or MPEG TS (Transport
Stream), that contain video and audio multiplexed. Vls and vlms cannot
stream MPEG ES (Elementary Stream), i.e. a file with only audio or
video. In order to know if an MPEG file is MPEG PS, MPEG TS or MPEG ES,
read the file with vlc and look at the messages (with the interface :
Click on "View" and "Messages", or use the command line "vlc -v") and
look for a line :

module: locking demux module `mpeg_XX'

      If XX = ps or XX = ts, then your file is MPEG PS and MPEG TS
respectively , and you may be able to stream it. If XX = es, then your
file is MPEG ES and is not streamable.

   2. the sequence header of the video must repeat itself regularly,
which is often the case with MPEG 2, but very rare with MPEG 1. There is
no easy way to know if the sequence header is repeated regularly. Files
with a .vob extension are normally MPEG 2 files and files with .mpg or
.mpeg extension or usually MPEG 1 files.

> I have tried fiddling around with the file types in vls.cfg etc but to
> no avail.

You probably mean "input.cfg".

> Any help would me much appreciated. Also if anyone can direct me to
> any mpeg/vob files (and the vls configurations they used) they know to
> work that would be great also.

All the files in*/*.vob should work
with :

Type = "MPEG2-PS"

in the configuration file input.cfg.


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