Alexis de Lattre alexis at
Fri Jul 26 09:29:00 CEST 2002

On Thu, Jul 25, 2002, kvsukesh at wrote:
> ...when you are streaming an mpeg2 ts on udp, 
> you are utilising IP for the network protocol
> and udp for the transport protocol. So in this case TS
> packets would just be the how does it
> matter whether it is TS or PS in the payload. If I
> understand correctly u have extract the bit rate of
> the coded stream ( which is available in both TS as
> well as in PS ) and then take fixed chunks of bytes
> and maintain that bitrate on the socket till the end
> of the file.

I don't understand everything of what you say, but I'll try to answer

Yes, the network stream sent by vls is UDP/IP. In the network packets,
vls puts MPEG TS packets. Vls doesn't put MPEG PS packets inside the
network packets because they don't have a fixed size, whereas MPEG TS
packets do. The fixed size of MPEG TS packets is very convenient for
network streaming.


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