DVB-S streaming with videolan server

Jean-Paul Saman saman at natlab.research.philips.com
Fri Mar 1 17:47:19 CET 2002

Christophe Massiot wrote:
> Apparently your network is dropping packet. If I were you, I would write 
> the vls output to a file (via the file channel) and try to read that 
> file with vlc --input ts. It will be easier to debug.

can you five an example of the file channel and how to start it?

Here is a part of my vls.cfg

# Streams sources declaration
BEGIN "Inputs"
# InputName     = "Type"
   local1        = "local"
   dvd1          = "local"
   live          = "local"

# Channel declaration
BEGIN "Channels"
# ChannelName   = "Type"
   localhost     = "network"
   recordtv      = "file"

# Inputs configuration
BEGIN "local1"
   ConfigPath    = "/usr/local/etc/videolan/vls/local"  # where to find 
the "path/input.cfg"
                                         #config config file

BEGIN "dvd1"
    ConfigPath = "/usr/local/etc/videolan/vls/dvd"

BEGIN "live"
    ConfigPath = "/usr/local/etc/videolan/vls/live"

# Channels configuration
BEGIN "localhost"
   Interface     = "lo"          # Only supported under Linux to force
                                 # the interface through which the
                                 # stream will be broadcasted
   SrcHost       = "localhost"
   SrcPort       = "4321"
   DstHost       = "localhost"
   DstPort       = "1234"

BEGIN "recordtv"
   FileName = "recordtext.ts"
   Append = "NO"
   FileSize = "15M"

I tried to do telnet localhost 9999
bozo at vls> start Dolby_Egypt.mpeg recordtv dvd1

With the following result:

Provider: Manager
Error: -1

   Provider: dvd1
   Error: -1
   Info: Unable to start program Dolby_Egypt.mpeg
   Info: Error: unable to start streaming of program Dolby_Egypt.mpeg
Error: Unable to create thread
                   Error: PS to TS converter failed to start

Kind greetings,

Jean-Paul Saman

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