VLS RPM problems.

Bill Eldridge bill at rfa.org
Fri May 24 16:58:50 CEST 2002

The VLS RPM's are in a bit of a rought state:
(some of these issues probably applyt to the deb packages
as well)

1) It would be useful for a link to all the
required RPMs directly on the vls download page,
rather than hunting through them from the above
page and others.

2) libdvdread doesn't have an RPM associated with it.
I tried to get around this with the source spec, inserting a:

if ! test /usr/lib/libdvdread.so && ! test /usr/local/lib/libdvdread.so; 
then exit 9; fi

3) The requires are for libdvbpsi0 & libdvbpsi-devel,
even though later versions of these are on the Webiste.
(Are libdvbpsi0 and libdvpbpsi1 different programs
or different versions?)

Anyway, after all the munging about, I couldn't get
all the components installed, ending up using my
compiled vls & the site's vls-dvb.

For a new user hoping to do a quick RPM install,
this would be frustrating at best.

Let me know if I can test any updates on this.

Bill Eldridge
Radio Free Asia
bill at rfa.org

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