VLS Web interface start

Bill Eldridge bill at rfa.org
Thu May 30 19:18:36 CEST 2002

Okay, the new version of this handles GET & POSTs,
and can execute at least the "browse" command
and display the results in the Web window.


That's all I'll do for the time being.
I'm sure the code can be cleaner, etc.,
and probably lots of little bugs to figure
out when trying to get more complex commands
into it.

Here's a simple form I used to test this:

<form method=POST action="http://localhost:9999/forminput>
<p>User: <input type=text name=user>
<p>Password: <input type=text name=password>
<p> Name: <input type=text name=name>
<p> Command: <input type=text name=command>
<p> <input type=submit>


Bill Eldridge wrote:
> I put together the start of a Web interface
> for vls, replacing telnet.cpp, at:
> http://techweb.rfa.org/staff/bill/
> http://techweb.rfa.org/staff/bill/telnet.cpp
> Basically it copies in over the existing
> telnet.cpp and requires an additional
> method in buffers.h/cpp
> It Authenticates from the information
> given, and prints out the request to
> the Web screen, but doesn't yet
> actually return C_Answer because
> someone either has to tell me how
> to parse that response or I have
> to spend more than an afternoon
> on this figuring it out.
> (and yes, this one doesn't require
> the additional framework that was in
> what I sent yesterday, though I did
> past in the Tokenize class).
> CHeers,
> Bill

Bill Eldridge
Radio Free Asia
bill at rfa.org

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