[vls-devel] Re: What is the tag of the stable branch ?

Damien LUCAS nitrox at videolan.org
Sat Jan 4 16:39:26 CET 2003

Christophe Massiot wrote:
> I was wondering what the tag of the stable branch (pre-0.4.5) is, because
> I would like to use it before it is released. I have looked at cvs status
> and found this :
> symbolic names:
> 	v0_4_release:
> 	v0_4_0: 1.15
> 	v0_3_3: 1.12
> 	v0_3_2: 1.11
> 	v0_3_0: 1.2
> I don't believe that "v0_4_release" is that branch, because it is even older
> than the 0.4.0 release. So ?

I am really sorry. The branch that Tristan made was the v0_4_release but 
he may did something wrong. I am going to see that.

> I'd be very pleased to use the current cvs with tooney's patches,
> unfortunately it seems to be unusable. The new nitrox's syntax doesn't work
> because we seem to catch SIGABRT right at the beginning :
> I have no idea what could be wrong but it seems to be low-level. The old
> vls.cfg syntax doesn't work either, because the telnet interface doesn't
> get launched on start-up (so it's pretty difficult to start a stream...).
> But agreed, it doesn't crash this way.

Hum, ok.
I really don't understand what it could be.
I works perfectly on my linux.

For the telnet interface to be launched you need those sections in the 
- Groups
- Users
- Telnet
In telnet section you need to have an item
   Use = "true"

That may be the problem as it is not yet in the documentation.

> Any thoughts ? May I add that VLS 0.4.0 works perfectly well on the same
> machine ?

I hope it will work this way.


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