[vls-devel] Re: PHP / MySQL frontend for VLS

Bart Kerver Bart.Kerver at surfnet.nl
Fri Jul 25 10:20:13 CEST 2003


> Can your script instruct VLC to stream multiple multicast streams
> simultaneously. ?.

Currently not, but this would be rather simple to implement.
In the current version servers supported are HTTP,FTP,VLS,VLC and MMS 
(anything VLC supports or can download/retrieve streams from).

I have added a servertype (in DVLSM) called RELAY that captures a stream 
and rebroadcasts this (over unicast/multicast). So that is one part of 
the solution. Second is that DVLSM has the option to control VLC's 
output influenced by Adaptations (an interface towards VLS's 
transcoding). I think I will have to add an extra feature to the system 
to make sure that VLC's "output chains" can be handled. For now DVLSM 
only supports 1 output chain, I can work on adding a chain table for 
advanced braodcasts.

The VLC-controlscript is rather simple and is controlled by a PHP module 
getting info from mySQL (the portal side) and sending commands to a 
remote server (VLS/VLC). I create commands myself, familiar to 
ASCII/HTML, since I started with talking to VLS. So adding extra 
features is very easy.

 > If so, is it possible that we can have a copy of your script?.

I will make the setup available, but have been patching the code 
recently for streaming to mobile devices (content adaptation on the fly) 
so the code is currenly a bit messy and I don't have an install yet. If 
you like to test with the VLC-PERLscript being controlled from my portal 
(which is hardest to clean up ;-) I can sent you a copy and a way to 
operate, I could patch the script in such way that it can multicast to 
multiple multicast streams being multiple output chains. This way YOUR 
server can be controlled to stream assets accourding to the settings you 
make in my portal. Or just wait a while.

Best regards,

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