[vls-devel] Re: [streaming] VLS Compilation on Solaris 9 (Using either GCC or Sun's CC)

Damien LUCAS nitrox at videolan.org
Wed Jun 11 01:08:33 CEST 2003

Olivier Palliere wrote:
> Hola Guys,
> I'm trying top compile vls on a blade 100 running Solaris 9.
 > Compiling the libraries seem to have been fine.
 > However, coming toi vls itself gives a problem.

VLS does not support Solaris.
But if you have few time, it may not be to difficult to have it run on a 
Solaris. I don't have a Solaris at the moment, but if i can find one, I 
may look at your problem.

> If using GCC (v3.2.3, with sun ld and sun as), here is what I get:
> src/extras/getopt.h:109: declaration of C function `int getopt()' conflicts 

It just looks like you are trying to compile the extra getopt function 
and it is provided by the system. You may have many other problems like 
this one since we did not compile VLS under solaris for a while.

If you really want to have it working, you can try that:
1. change the value in Makefile.opts line 36:
"NEEDSRC_getopt = 0" instead of "NEEDSRC_getopt = 1"
2. recompile (make clean && make)
3. send me the compile result (it should fix this first problem)
    then I will have a look at the next error !

> If I try to run with Sun's CC

That is not a really good idea. You need to compile it with GNUMAKE and GCC.

For such technical mails, the list <vls-devel at videolan.org> is more 
appropriate, that's the reason why I CC it.



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