[vls-devel] Question about vls 0.5.2 and MPEG 1 streaming

Larry Kelly larry.kelly at noaa.gov
Wed May 21 21:20:58 CEST 2003

   Just wanted to check and see if anyone knew if the MPEG1 streaming issue
still remained in vls 0.5.2.  It still seems to be in 0.5.1.  I can stream
MPEG 2 files fine, but if I point vls at an MPEG 1 file, it looks like it is
still trying to read it as MPEG 2, eventually gets confused, and doesn't
send any stream.  Someone had mentioned that they thought it was something
within the localinput module?

   The interesting thing is that VLC streams the same MPEG1 files fine.
But, for stability, I wanted to run VLS instead.

   Thanks in advance!


Larry Kelly
Contractor, RGII Technologies
System Administrator
OCIO, Office of High Performance Computing and Communications
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Phone:  301-713-3573
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