[vls-devel] vls modification for live stream (IEEE1394)

kylee kylee at netmedia.kjist.ac.kr
Tue Mar 2 01:58:33 CET 2004

Hi, all
We are students in K-JIST(Kangju Institute and Science of Technology),
Korea. We add a new module for direct 
Input from IEEE1394(i.Link). If IEEE1394 cable is connected from a
camera(we used JVC GR-HD1) to a PC, this module(the name is
'livemodule') reads the stream from IEEE1394 and sends to buffer. For
this, we define a new file type, MPEG2-TS_LIVE, when you use this type
you can send live stream. 
 If you want to know more detail, visit our website,
http://netmedia.kjist.ac.kr/research/research3_6.html .
Sincerely yours,
KiYoung Lee
KiYoung Lee
Homepage : http://netmedia.kjist.ac.kr <http://netmedia.kjist.ac.kr/> 
E-mail : kylee at netmedia.kjist.ac.kr
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