[vls-devel] VLC Ideas (3 Questions)

Jamal Hannah jah1936 at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 3 18:11:27 CET 2008

Is it possible to have VLC media player work as a server to stream video content, especially in a format that Second Life can receive? (some form of QuickTime Stream).

Also, is it possible that VLC Media Player can be used to receive and record digital broadcast from HDTV cards installed on one's computer? (And also stream them over the net as mentioned above.)

Also, how possible is it for companies like Philips to use some of the VLC based decoding of video formats for the firmware of DVD players? (for example, my Philips model DVP642 DVD player can play DivX or XviD AVI files, but not if they have some errors in them, while VLC Media player has no problems with the exact same files... plus, my DVD player can't play MOV, MPG, MP4 or MKV format files, while VLC Media Player has no problem with them.)


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