[vls-devel] fullscreen interface flickers during DVD playback (Win XP sp3, vlc 0.9.2 & vlc 1.0.0-20080912)

Veit Nachtmann veit at nachtmann.it
Mon Sep 15 17:10:18 CEST 2008


the fullscreen controls disappear after one second as they should, but 
then appear partially and randomly every few seconds. Basically an 
annoying white frame for a split second at the bottom, sometimes with 
buttons, mostly without.

The problem only appears during DVD playback, for both opengl and directx.

DirectX itself produces horizontal distortions on vertical movements in 
the movie (as if you cut the movie horizontally in 2-3 stripes, and move 
the lowest by about 3 pixels to the right). But that's probably another bug.


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