[x264-devel] Request for contact work on MBAFF

Mike Kazmier DaKaZ at zenbe.com
Fri Jun 13 20:57:40 CEST 2008


We are putting out to bid a project for x264 development.  In particular, we are looking extend the x264 implementation of interlaced encoding to be fully compliant with the H.264-3 specification for MBAFF.  Specifically, in the current MBAFF model, the stream is encoded as EITHER interlaced or progressive (ie: there is no adapativity per MB or Frame at all).  If you currently add any huerisitic to the decision, the resultant output is NOT spec compliant and is not decoded.  For this contract, the x264 source code must be modified such that running:

 if( rand() % 2 == 0) h->mb.b_interlaced = !h->mb.b_interlaced

for each block results in a valid, spec compliant stream.  

It probably goes without saying, but the work will be made available to the public when complete.  If you are interested in doing this work, please send me a private email with your estimate for completing the work (in USD), a time estimation of the project, as well as any experience which gives us some confidence in your ability to complete the project..  The goal is to commence work starting no later than June 23, so please send in your interest and/or questions ASAP.  The winning bidder will be a combination of cost and timing (ie: not just the lowest cost will win).


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