[x264-devel] commit: Fix C99ism in r1066 (Jason Garrett-Glaser )

Steven Walters kemuri9 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 3 16:53:21 CET 2009

I've been the one in the channel with msvc-specific patches as
i have both .net 2005 and 2008 professional editions,
which was available free to me from the msdnaa.

PGO is available in these editions which the express editions do not.

I was also the one who stated that msvc compilation was broken after the
malloc reduction patch went in,
as it was the first time in a while i tried compiling in msvc.

but it has actually been broken since r1060 with the PRIx32 macro
which is defined in inttypes.h and msvc doesn't have it.
(doesn't even have stdint.h, but x264 provides it)

However, msvc 2003 and prior have not been supported since the addition of
the variadic macro within x264. as support for those was added in 2005.

I believe that the motive for the drop is along the lines of the overhead
of supporting it when it's not being used to develop with:
that is having to take a patch that would work in gcc
(already time and effort spent to develop it)
and then fix it to work with msvc... which both Jason and Loren don't use.
so they would have to consult with some msvc user to make sure it works.
that's more time and effort effectively wasted on msvc
support when it could be spent to more fixes and improvements.

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