[x264-devel] Trouble keeping 8 cores busy

Ben Rosenblum ben at brosenblum.com
Wed Jan 7 13:56:32 CET 2009

Jason Garrett-Glaser wrote:
> Last time I did this test, that process (thread destruction+creation)
> took on the order of one microsecond.  Which is why it wasn't
> committed.
> Dark Shikari
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If someone were to give me a patch that I could apply to the current 
revision I wouldnt mind doing some SD and HD testing on it to show the 
differences between the two.  If you want to throw in some debugs to see 
thread timings I would be happy to log it all and send it to you guys 
for review as well.

Also to note I updated the link I had in the first post on doom9 so that 
it points to the location of the patch instead of a 404.


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