[x264-devel] Reconfiguring x264 aspect ratio in the middle of stream

Gabriel Bouvigne gabriel.bouvigne at joost.com
Mon Jan 12 09:15:21 CET 2009

Jarmo Torvinen a écrit :
> Is it possible to change the aspect ratio (x264_param_t.vui.i_sar_width & 
> height) after the encoder
> has been initialized with the x264_encoder_open()-call?
> There is the x264_encoder_reconfig()-call but while inspecting the source 
> it seems that the vui*-parameters are
> not copied in that function call. 


> I'm ready to contribute patches.

That would be a handy features, as there are many ATSC/DVB cases where 
this would be usefull. Would you like to try implementing this?


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