[x264-devel] Solaris 10 sparc patch to configure

Robinson, Greg greg.robinson at dsto.defence.gov.au
Fri Jan 23 05:27:12 CET 2009

Hi all,

I'm compiling x264-snapshot-20090122-2245 on solaris 10 sparc for
ffmpeg.  I've found a few
compilation issues which I'd like to have included in the next snapshot
if possible.

I've included a patch which addresses 3 out of the 4 issues.  I'll
briefly outline
them here, and talk about the last one.

The 3 issues are:

1. The solaris linker does not gronk the -soname option to the gcc
-shared command.
It likes the -h option.

2. /bin/echo -n is broken on solaris.  /usr/ucb/echo is the best option
for this.

3. Somewhere between x264-snapshot-20080409-2245 and
x264-snapshot-20090122-2245 the
configure variable AS= is defined as empty.  This patch just sets

And finally, the version.sh script does not work on my system as I do
not have
git installed.  And if I did, it would not work.  Could I suggest a
wrapper script
for the detection of git and if not, then a grep for the variables
and X264_BUILD so they can be placed in config.h.  Otherwise, they are
present and the build fails.



--- configure.orig      Fri Jan 23 11:27:08 2009
+++ configure   Fri Jan 23 11:26:47 2009
@@ -73,7 +73,15 @@
 # check whether 'echo -n' works as expected, otherwise try printf
 if [ "x`echo -n houba`" = xhouba ]
-  ECHON="echo -n"
+# determine a good echo
+  case `uname -s` in
+  'SunOS')
+       ECHON="/usr/ucb/echo -n"
+       ;;
+  *)
+       ECHON="echo -n"
+       ;;
+   esac
 elif [ "x`printf houba`" = xhouba ]
@@ -311,7 +319,7 @@
         exit 1
-    AS=""
+    AS="$AS"

@@ -444,6 +452,10 @@
         echo "SOSUFFIX=dylib" >> config.mak
         echo "SONAME=libx264.$API.dylib" >> config.mak
         echo 'SOFLAGS=-dynamiclib -Wl,-single_module
-Wl,-read_only_relocs,suppress -install_name
$(DESTDIR)$(libdir)/$(SONAME)' >> config.mak
+    elif [ "$SYS" = "SunOS" ]; then
+       echo "SOSUFFIX=so" >> config.mak
+       echo "SONAME=libx264.so.$API" >> config.mak
+       echo 'SOFLAGS=-Wl,-h,$(SONAME)' >> config.mak
         echo "SOSUFFIX=so" >> config.mak
         echo "SONAME=libx264.so.$API" >> config.mak

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