[x264-devel] Access to a previous reference frame...

Hadi Hadizadeh hadipardis at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 26 21:27:02 CET 2009

I want to access to the motion vector of a macroblock in a previous reference frame.
To do so (for an MB at position i_mb_x & i_mb_y) in the current frame,
I think we should first load that MB to the cache using the following instruction:
x264_macroblock_cache_load(h, i_mb_x, i_mb_y);
and then we can use "h->mb.mv". Now, to access to a previous frame, 
I think we should first fetch that frame as our current frame and then
we can do a similar operation to access to a specific MB. Am I right? 
If so, I think, to set a previous frame as our current frame, we can use this:
h->fenc = h->fref0[0]; // to access to the first reference frame in list 0
But what is your opinion? Thanks!

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