[x264-devel] Windows x64 support

BugMaster BugMaster at narod.ru
Tue Jan 27 21:17:51 CET 2009

Loren, may be it is better to replace
    movsxd r2, dword r4m ; FIXME truncates pointer
    movsxd r3, dword r5m ; FIXME truncates pointer
in x264_checkasm_call with
    mov  r2d, r4m ; FIXME truncates pointer
    mov  r3d, r5m ; FIXME truncates pointer
I think it would be more correct because by default params
passed in registers are not sign extended (ABI even doesn't say that they
would be zero extended but to make opposite need even more code so it
is safe to think that they are zero extended).
What do you think?

Anton Mitrofanov (a.k.a. BugMaster)

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