[x264-devel] x264 Development Newsletter Vol. 38

Jason Garrett-Glaser jason at x264.com
Thu Jul 4 03:01:35 CEST 2013

This is the thirty-eigth x264 development newsletter. This is a
regular email containing updates on fixes and improvements in the most
recent x264 push, along with updates on what's coming next.  Previous
versions can be found in the mailing list archives.


Fix compilation with OpenCL on OS X.

Fix a crash in the case of an OpenCL error during encoding with OpenCL.

Fix building in compilers without inline asm support.

Fix crash in high bit depth builds compiled with unaligned stack.

Fix potential misalignment crash in AVX2 denoise_dct.

Fix some builds with PIC.

Fix possible crash when writing very large filler NALUs.


Add --stitchable option for segmented encoding.

Add new color primaries, transfer characteristics, and matrix
coefficient options from the latest H.264 spec.

x86: optimizations to AVX2 iDCT and AVX deblock

Tweak i16x16 delta-quant-avoidance code to fix a rare flickering issue
with deblocking in static areas of the frame.

Jason Garrett-Glaser

The x264 Team

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