[x264-devel] Google detailed test results for VP8 to H.264 comparisions

Sergio Garcia Murillo sergio.garcia.murillo at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 11:39:14 CET 2013

Hi guys,

Google/WebM team has released their comparation between vp8 and h264 
using x264 as h264 encoder:


Given they have used quite default encoding parameters for x264 compared 
to the ones used for vp8

  x264 --vbv-bufsize ${rate} --bitrate ${rate} --fps ${frame_rate} \
       --profile baseline --no-scenecut --keyint infinite --preset 
veryslow \
       --input-res ${width}x${height} \
       -o ./encoded_clips/264/${clip_stem}_${rate}kbps.mkv ${filename} \
       2> ./logs/h264/${clip_stem}_${rate}kbps.txt

./bin/vpxenc --lag-in-frames=0 --target-bitrate=${rate} --kf-min-dist=3000 \
       --kf-max-dist=3000 --cpu-used=-1 --fps=${frame_rate}/1 
--static-thresh=1 \
       --token-parts=1 --drop-frame=0 --end-usage=cbr --min-q=2 --max-q=56 \
       --undershoot-pct=100 --overshoot-pct=15 --buf-sz=1000 \
       --buf-initial-sz=5000 --buf-optimal-sz=600 --max-intra-rate=1200 \
       --resize-allowed=0 --drop-frame=0 --passes=1 --rt 
--noise-sensitivity=0 \
       -w ${width} -h ${height} ${filename} --codec=vp8 \
       -o ./encoded_clips/vp8/${clip_stem}_${rate}kbps.webm \

I am not sure if the comparation is fair enought. Would it be possible 
to adjust the encoding parameters to get better results for x264?

Best regards

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