[libdvdnav-devel] Crashes with corrupt ISO

Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb at videolan.org
Sat Jan 3 01:20:31 CET 2015

On 23 Dec, Steve Dibb wrote :
> The basic fix is pretty simple, like you said, check for NULL pointers and work around garbage data if it's not present.  The complexity of how the code opens and accesses it all makes it difficult, but not impossible.  I'll spend some time looking at it more closely when I can.  It really needs to be fixed.

You're too polite.

The code of those 2 libraries is a huge pile of crap. Multiple
dereferences without checking anything, obscure variables, pointers not
clearly freed, and other amazing stuff like non checking allocations and
huge stack usage...

Sure, we've fixed lately the biggest bugs, but there is a lot to do

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