Videolan 2.70 vs Region 1 DVDs

Guy Minervini bilzilla at
Mon Apr 9 20:32:58 CEST 2001

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I'm using Beos 5.01, my DVD drive is a Toshiba SD-M1202. Videolan =
v0.2.70 will crash if I try to open a Region1 encryped disc. v2.63 would =
open them OK (but was prone to crashes with any disc).=20
The "open encrypted disc" crash details (Frank Herbert's Dune SciFi =
Miniseries Disc):
Thread Name: input
Error: segment violation

Team ID: 109 Thread ID: 509
EIP: 0xec08de0a

If I play one of Troma's discs (every one I've checked is not encrypted) =
v0.2.70 opens the disc OK.=20

Region 1 discs that wouldn't open (crashed) in v0.2.70:
Fight Club
T2 Ultimate edition
Frank Herbert's Dune (SciFi Miniseries)

Unencrypted discs that opened OK:

The Toxic Avenger=20
Blood of Ghastly Horror

Guy Minervini
bilzilla at

p.s. zipped screenshot attached

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