[ANN] vlc 0.2.71

Samuel Hocevar sam at zoy.org
Fri Apr 13 15:14:32 CEST 2001

   We are proud to announce version 0.2.71 of the VideoLAN Client, a
bugfix release which fixes most of the issues discovered in 0.2.70.

   Major changes:

  * Fixed segfaults when compiled with gcc 3.0pre and versions of gcc
    shipped with the latest RedHat distributions.
  * Fixed the BeOS CSS decryption.
  * Fixed a few issues in IFO parsing.
  * Fixed XVideo video output.
  * Updated icons under Linux, BeOS, MacOS X.

   You can view the complete changelog for this release at

   You can download 0.2.71 via HTTP or FTP:


   Classic tarballs and Debian, RPM and BeOS packages can be found on
the FTP site. If you manage to build native Mandrake, SuSE or RedHat
packages from our SRPMs, please send them to us!

For the VideoLAN team,
Samuel Hocevar <sam at zoy.org> <http://sam.zoy.org/>
for DVDs in Linux screw the MPAA and ; do dig $DVDs.z.zoy.org ; done | \
      perl -ne 's/\.//g; print pack("H224",$1) if(/^x([^z]*)/)' | gunzip

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