basic win32 port

Xavier Marchesini xav at
Thu Apr 26 11:41:15 CEST 2001

On Thu, Apr 26, 2001, gbazin at wrote:

> This is my attempt to port the VLC on Win32. Not that I am a very
> big fan of Windows, but Windows workstations being usually used in
> networks, a VLC port would be really nice.

Thanks a lot ! Actually, a small team (2 members of the VideoLAN
project) are still trying to find the time to port the vlc under
Windows, so be sure that your help will be very appreciated.

> First, don't expect to much of this patch. Only the basic
> functionalities are working. That means no MMX, no DVD plugin, no nice
> GUI ... The video and audio plugins used under Windows are (of course)
> the SDL plugins (but builtin). Almost nothing had to be change in
> the source code of these plugins :-) Furthermore, I'm not an expert
> programmer and I don't know many things about Windows API, so you may
> find mistakes in the following patch.

We planned to use the DirectX video and audio output, as it allows a lot
of features, such as more than 2 audio speakers, and so on ...

Of course, we can put in a SDL plugin. Got to take a look at your patch,
then :-)

> I've done the port on my Linux (Debian ;-)) computer with a
> cross-compiler version of MINGW32. On
> you will find all you need to compile the VLC. I already tried a
> windows native version of this compiler and also of cygwin, but I
> found it so much painfull to use that I gave up quickly (The configure
> script and the Makefile were not working) This patch is very MINGW32
> specific and I really don't know if it will be easy to adapt it to
> another compiler.

Errr ... we had in mind to compile the port of the VLC with Bcc compiler
or Visual C compiler (looks like it's an old "troll" here :)).

> I know I introduced a lot of #ifdef in the code but I didn't know how
> the VLC team wanted that. I still hope someone will try to integrate
> this in the CVS, and if more work is needed for that, I'm ready to
> help. By the way, as I already said, this port is for the moment
> really basic, and there are still a few bugs, mainly with the SDL
> plugins (The video window is not responsive, you can quit with Q but
> cannot move the window..., the audio speed is also buggy) If the
> someone wants, maybe I can put a working binary on the videolan FTP
> site.

Actually, we planned to make an entire new branch of the project, ie a
vlc-windows repository in the CVS, so we wouldn't need to put so many
#ifdef in the code.

I think the whole team would really appreciate that you send us a working binary.

We surely need your help to port the Vlc under Windows ; it looks
like it is a huge work. The responsible for this port is Boris Dorès
<babal at>, and I'm the second one who's working (well, working
...) on this. You can contact us whenever you want.

Thank you very much for your port !



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