[ANN] vlc 0.2.73

Henri Fallon henri at via.ecp.fr
Sat Apr 28 08:01:32 CEST 2001

  The VideoLAN team is still trying to follow the "release often release
early" tradition, and to get ready to the forthcoming freeze. Before we
break everything and freeze, we release 0.2.73 which fixes some bugs and
add a few features.

Major bugfixes:

- Fixed building problems on QNX and FreeBSD
- Fixed TS (network) input
- Fixed a compilation issue in DVD handling

Major feature enhancements:

- Fullscreen support for X11 and Xvideo
- Other XVideo functions
- Basic DVD angle support

You can view the complete changelog for this release at

You can download 0.2.73 via HTTP or FTP:


The usual packages are online.

Have a nive day.

For the VideoLAN team,
Henri Fallon

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