Patch to add more keys to xvideo vout

Henri Fallon henri at
Sun Dec 9 02:52:38 CET 2001

On Sun, Dec 09, 2001, Peter Surda wrote:
> May I humbly suggest that certain "middleware" features (e.g. calculations for
> seeking) be unified and put into a separate cathegory, so that it isn't
> necessary to duplicate code in each interface and vout plugin? Or perhaps it
> ain't that important anyway OTOH :-)

Well, we're planning to do some unification in the keystrokes hanlding,
as we do too many things directly in the Video Output plugins.
Maybe your patch is a bit early :)

> And I'd be very happy if someone fixed the ac3 decoder. Damn I'm complaining
> again :-)

AFAIK reno is working on using liba52 for the vlc. 


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