Translation tasks

Samuel Hocevar sam at
Mon Dec 10 13:50:54 CET 2001

   The current MAIN branch of the vlc CVS now has gettext support. If
you don't know what/how to code and you have translation skills, you may
want to contribute to the i18n of vlc. Currently there is a (perhaps
outdated) german translation from Thomas Graf.

   Only the interfaces need to be translated. Please do not waste time
translating error messages from the vlc core, the end user will not care
about them and it will make bug reports even more difficult to read.

   I created the po/fr.po file to make it easier for someone to do the
french translation. I use the gtk-based "poeditor" tool to edit pofiles
because it has automated timestamp generation and a few other features,
but any text editor will do the job.

   To create a new translation for language ** (it for instance):

  * copy po/vlc.pot to po/**.po
  * edit po/**.po

   To test it:

  * edit and add ** to the ALL_LINGUAS line
  * run autoconf
  * ./configure && make
  * make install
  * LANG=it_IT vlc


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