Win32 binary package

Gildas Bazin gbazin at
Mon Jul 9 01:19:07 CEST 2001


I've just uploaded a VLC Win32 binary package of the current cvs version at:
This package does not include the gtk and sdl dlls. If you don't have them, 
they are included in the official (and older) vlc-0.2.80-win32 at:

This version includes the dvd access module, as well as the gtk, directx and 
sdl plugins.

The dvd module has only been tested on Win2k so it may not work on win9x (can 
someone report on this ?). If you are using Win2k, don't forget that you need 
to be in administrator mode otherwise dvd playback won't work.

Known bugs:
-DirectX audio plugin buggy: sometimes the audio buffer will overflow, 
creating some nice sound effects... (to see this, you can try to keep on 
moving the video window on the desktop for about 3 or 4 seconds)

- Audio not perfectly synchronised (not a win32 specific problem)

- The DirectX YUV overlay output won't work nicely if you have enabled the: 
"show full window when dragging" option of Windows in the display properties.

- The SDL YUV overlay output is always visible, even if your video window is 
covered by other windows.

- The dvd module sometimes wait undefinitly for iovecs to be released when 
you change titles (maybe a common problem with the linux version... I will 
have to check). This has the annoying effect of making vlc irresponsive.

- Performance of the DirectX plugin can still be improved.

- On Win2k, DVD playback works only in administrator mode.

- and I'm sure many more

Don't expect to much of this release as there are still a lot of bugs that 
need to be fixed and a lot of improvement to be made. But if you want to 
help, you can test it and report the bugs.

Enjoy anyway,


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