need a nice way to handle interruption in input stream

Chris Worley cworley at
Tue Jul 10 17:02:25 CEST 2001

Samuel Hocevar wrote:

> On Tue, Jul 10, 2001, Chris Worley wrote:
>> Also, there are Windows users that need a viewer; vlc is probably the 
>> best choice, but we don't want to run VLS on Windows machines, and 
>> pipes don't work in Windows, so, the html option, when available, will 
>> probably be the best (only compatible) approach.
>    VLS is only on the server side ; 

That's why it's not a good solution -- we'd have to run it on the 
client side.

> VLC directly reads the network
> stream sent by VLS. And I doubt HTML will be the best approache, you'd
> better use UDP for video on a LAN.

In this case, the html would be generated locally (out the mplexer, 
into vlc).  Really, just a short HTML preamble (declaring the 
following data as mpeg) to the Program Stream.  On the linux side, 
this is no different from stdin input... it's the Window's side that 
would be a problem, since piping data between applications creates a 
file rather than streaming -- so Windows can't use stdin, and needs 
something like the html input.


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