playing encrypted dvd and playing dvd without region set

Samuel Hocevar sam at
Wed Jul 11 11:32:40 CEST 2001

On Wed, Jul 11, 2001, MichaelM wrote:

> My query is, can it also be used to play encrypted DVD's from any region 
> on a zoned DVD player?

   It will depend on the DVD drive. If your drive is RPC1, you will have
no problem reading any DVD from any region since the region check is
done in software and libdvdcss doesn't do the check.

   If your drive is RPC2, YMMV. Most DVD drives do the region check
during a key exchange that libdvdcss doesn't need, so if you have such a
drive it'll work. But this behaviour is definitely not guaranteed.

> Otherwise, can the regionset utility be used to 'unzone' a player?

   Again, it depends on the drive's firmware. There are a few firmware
information sites with unzoning utilities around.


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