Yet another release suggestion

Samuel Hocevar sam at
Fri Jun 1 08:01:49 CEST 2001

   We got a bit late in our 0.3.0 plans (nothing to worry about IMHO,
we're an OpenSource project with its usual problems after all), mostly
because of the usual end of year duties people here need to fulfil if
they want to stay at school next year. The unexpected Win32 port was
probably the cause for additional work as well.

   But it looks like Henri's todo list has shrunk a lot since last
month. Here's what I think the important remaining things are:

   - fix audio synchro
   - fix all known DVD playback issues (probably done)
   - cope with vls/vlc clock jitter
   - video output IV
   - there is a memory leak when an invalid file is given as an argument.
   - the X11 video output gets slower and slower while playing.
   - fix the Qt interface (doesn't quit when closed).
   - fix the drag and drop handling between Qt and Gtk widgets.
   - fix the BeOS interface (no channel handling)

   Among the new features and fixes already in CVS:

   - network support
   - packet cache segfault fixed
   - ALSA output fixed
   - AC3 fixes, MMX and 3D Now! support
   - misc BeOS fixes
   - the great Gnome/Gtk merge
   - lots of interface and DVD fixes
   - pretty mature win32 port

   This looks enough for another intermediate release to me. Any


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