Yet another release suggestion

Gildas Bazin gbazin at
Tue Jun 5 07:50:07 CEST 2001

On Tuesday 05 June 2001 05:27, Samuel Hocevar wrote:
>    I spent the night testing vlc on various architectures, and it
> seems like the DirectX plugin isn't yet mature enough to be included
> by default (video output crashes, sound skips). It'll be in the 0.2.80
> tarballs, but the binary release will use SDL until the DirectX version
> becomes more polished.

Ok, fair enough.

Could you give me some more details about the video output crashes ? The only 
crash I know about happens when you enable the "full window shown when 
dragging" option in the display properties of Windows. This option changes 
the way messages are sent to the window message qeue when you move or resize 
a window. The current directX plugin doesn't handle this well and creates 
message queue overflows.
( I'm in the process of cleaning the message handling functions of the plugin 

But I haven't been able to reproduce any other crash.

Concerning the audio output, the problem I've got is a sync problem (related 
to the plugin and not the vlc) so the sound is still crystal clear but 
doesn't match the video at all.

If anyone else can test the DirectX plugin, I will welcome all bug reports.


PS: I've been to the Windows port page on the Videolan web site (coool). I 
just wanted to know how you took this screenshot. I see that the GTK 
interface is on top of the video window, but the SDL lib is supposed to have 
a bug when running in Overlay mode which prevents the overlay surface from 
being hidden by anything else. So I guess you used the SDL output without the 
YUV hardware acceleration (without overlay) ?


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