Audio output bitrate adjustment and repeated bug report

Peter Surda shurdeek at
Fri Jun 15 20:54:06 CEST 2001


I noticed that when playing certain DVD the sound is distorted. After I
reencoded the track into divx (audio into 48 kHz mp3) and played that back
with aviplay, I discovered that when I force output to 44.1, I get similar
distortion. However if I don't force reencoding and let the output be 48, it
sounds ok. So hence the question: can I somehow tell vlc that the audio
decoder should output 48kHz sound and not 44.1 (what I think is the current

This is with vlc cvs from about a month ago and also with cvs from about 2
hours ago.


The bug I reported previously, time being calculated to about 60% of the real
time on DVDs, is still present. I.e.  when 10 seconds real play time pass, it
shows it's on about 6th second and although the video has a real length of say
3 minutes, vlc shows it is only 2:09. Tested on 2 zone2 DVDs and one unzoned.
Strangely, this only happens on DVDs. I can test a zone1 DVD if needed.


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