How to let vlc support PS streams from network?

Li Lifeng lilf at
Sat Jun 16 02:48:34 CEST 2001


  I have a iCompression Rainbow PCI MPEG-2 codec, using it to 
compression A/V and muticast in LAN, It's a PS stream, how to 
change vlc to support it? just change 
    /* Set callback */
    p_input->pf_open  = p_input->pf_file_open;
    p_input->pf_close = p_input->pf_file_close;
    and b_pace_control& b_seekable flag?
in PSinit?

  BTW, my linux box is Redhat7.1+KDE, I successful compile vlc0.28
but It don't work, when I run vlc, it display nothing,also,vlc0.28
for win also display incorrect with my win2k professional.

thank you for you help



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