BeOS window resizing

Richard Shepherd richard at
Thu Mar 8 00:30:54 CET 2001

This stops me wasting time looking through each structure trying to find 
the magic width/height values needed ;)


>On Wed, Mar 07, 2001, Richard Shepherd wrote:
>> Does vlc signal the video-plugin in anyway with the file's original
>> size? I'm sure it does - I just can't work it out.
>   Actually, it doesn't. The way it works now :
>  * video output thread is spawned by the main program
>  * vout thread opens a vout plugin
>  * vout plugin opens a X*Y window
>   Then, when the video decoder has decoded a picture, the video output
>thread scales it and writes it in the X*Y window, then calls the plugin
>management function. So in the actual implementation, the vout plugin 
>never aware of the image size.
>   A better implementation, which we are working on, would be to have
>the whole rendering done within the plugin. Thus we wouldn't need the
>b_YCbr flag, or the b_need_render : only the plugin would be aware of
>the image size, and the video output thread would only be there to
>provide generic functions.
>   Unfortunately what you intend to do needs the new video output

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