Preparing 0.2.70 ?

Samuel Hocevar sam at
Thu Mar 15 17:33:00 CET 2001

   Now that we have network support, I suggest we prepare a 0.2.64 or
even 0.2.70 "major feature enhancements" release.

   Amongst the new things, we will have:

  * network input
  * video parsing fixes (mux rate, 64 bits clean), AC3 decoding fixes
  * BeOS enancements and optimizations (file open, DVD device selection)
  * gtk playlist, Qt interface, stream date display
  * audio/spu/title/chapter selection with gtk interface

   Now, what do we need for a working 0.2.70 ? I'll have URI-like
arguments working for network input, and Meuuh suggested a better
Makefile generation. Also, getting the Gtk and Gnome interface features
in sync would be nice.

   Any other suggestions ?


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